Ζωγράφος Πένη Μαναβή

Peny Manavi, Painter

Born in 1968. Origin GREECE.

1992    Degree in Physics - University of Athens
1994    MSc degree in Radiation Physics - University College of London
2004    Degree from Athens School of Fine Arts with professor Yiannis Psychopaidis

Solo Exhibitions

2022    ”Flowers of Good”, StoArt Korai, Athens
2022    ”Flora Mirabilis”, Art Appel Gallery, Athens
2018    ”Dance me”, (Depôt Gallery, Athens) - Espace Christiane Peugeot, Paris-France
2016    ”Animals and Reptiles”, Art Space Melanithros, Athens
2012    “The obvious and the unseen” ArtZone 42 Gallery, Athens
2012    “Wandering” Art Room Ermoupolis, Syros Island
2011    “Automn Symphony” Enigma Gallery, Kifissia
2010     “Traces of Nature”  Bonicos Gallery, Athens
2010     “Nature’s Patterns” Fleming Art Gallery, Thessaloniki
2010     “Motivos Naturales” Galeria Amador De Los Rios, Madrid, Spain
2006     “Shadows and Colours” Hilton Athens Hotel, Galaxy Bar
2006     “Energy Flow” Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens

Group exhibitions

2022    “10 Artists celebrate the sea”, Gallery Kapsioti, Piraeus
2022    “Personal utopia”, Heraklion Museum of Fine Arts, Heraklion Crete
2022    “Myrtis face to face with the past”, Archeological Museum of Aegina, Aegina
2021    “Month of Art in the War Museum- sculptors and painters in artistic dialogue with Myrtis”, War Museum, Athens
2020    “Sammlung & Galerie Boehner Gemeinschaftsausstellung”, Galerie Boehner, Mannheim, Germany
2019    “2020..with a mood for celebration”, Art Appel Gallery, Athens
2019    “Eortina kallitehnon 2019”, Gallery Kapsioti, Peraeus
2019    “Hellenic Painting”, Galerie Lefakis, Hilton Cyprus, Lefkosia, Cyprus
2018    “Three generations of painting, engraving”, 2nd cycle Cacoyannis Foundation (Ch. & S. Moschandreou Gallery Collection)
2018    “Eortina kallitehnon 2018”, Gallery Kapsioti, Peraeus
2018    “Summer Breeze”, Golf of Glyfada
2018    “The Art of being Myself”, Depôt Gallery,Athens
2018    “Anatasi”, Kallitehnorama of Glyfada, Municipal Art Gallery of Peraeus
2018    “Venus”, Municipal Art Gallery of Glyfada, old Town Hall
2018    “Horsebridge Open Exhibition 2018”, Somerset Maugham Gallery, Whitstable, Kent, England
2017    “Eortina kallitehnon 2017”, Gallery Kapsioti, Peraeus
2017    “Auction of Contemporary Greek Art”, Galerie Lefakis
2017    “Colour and Contrast”, Somerset Maugham Gallery, Whitstable, Kent, England, U.K.
2017    «Think of me», Restart Contemporary Art Platform, Aqua Gallery, Art Hotel, Pyrgos Santorini
2017    “Summer 17”, Depôt Gallery, Athens
2017    «80+1 años de ausencia/ Lorca, Depôt Gallery, Athens
2017    “Necessity”,  Weedschat, Platanos Parking, Kiffisia
2017    «Cities of fantasy and reality», Malou Art Gallery, Athens
2016    “Methexis”, Depôt Gallery, Athens,   Curator K. Vafeiadis
2016    “Eortina kallitehnon 2016”, Gallery Kapsioti, Peraeus
2016    Indep2016, Image Gallery, Athens, Curator Emy Varouxaki
2016    ‘Fairy Tales’ at SIA NY Gallery, Galerie Bruno Massa, New York, USA
2015    «Hope», Enigma Gallery, Kifissia
2015   “Eortina 2015”,Gallery Kapsioti, Peraeus
2015    Once Upon a Time in Kansai ! Galerie bruno massa + SHIBATACHO Gallery, Shibatacho, Osaka, Japan
2015    “Myrtis” Megaron- the Athens Concert Hall, Athens
2015    Galerie Boehner seit 1995, Galerie Boehner, Mannheim, Germany
2014    “Eortina Kallitehnon”,Gallery Kapsioti, Peraeus
2014    “Aethalleis Apohroseis”, Art Zone 42 Gallery , Athens
2014    Porto Kea Suites, Kea Island
2014    Tio Ilar 7, Athens
2014    “Art goes to…Islands -Papagalos Hydra”, dreamideamashine, Hydra Island
2014    “En Tehnos”- Euonymos Ecological Library – Gazi, Athens
2014    “Aftermath – they were, they are, they will” Galerie Bruno Massa (Paris) - Atlantic Gallery, Chelsea, New York (USA)
2014    “ World Art Vision”- Studio Abba, Centro Cultural la Vaguada, Madrid
2014    “Hiver’14”, Swiss Art Space, Lausanne, Switzerland
2013    “Art en Capital”, Salon des Artistes Independants, Grand Palais, Paris, France
2013    “Tropical Earth” Art Zone 42 Gallery, Athens
2013     Tio Ilar 6, ELGEKA, Athens
2013    “KLM Data” Art Prisma Gallery, Pireus
2012    “Gallery tou Notou”, Glyfada Athens
2012    “Myrtis” Archeological Museum Delphi
2012    Poseidon of Paros, Golden Beach, Paros Island
2012    Tio Ilar 5, ELGEKA, Athens
2012    “Starting Point”, Art Zone 42 Gallery, Athens
2011    “Dream & Think Positive”, SG Gallery Athens, Enigma Gallery Kifissia
2011    Art Prisma Gallery, Pireus
2011    “Natura”, Eugenidis Foundation, Athens
2011    Tio Ilar 4, ELGEKA, Athens
2011    “Myrtis” Archeological Museum Thessalaoniki
2010    Christmas Bazar 2010, Βonicos Gallery, Athens
2010    “Myrtis” Magna Gallery, Athens
2010    Art10 Gallery, Athens
2010    “Metamorphoseis”,S.A Gallery, Kea Island
2009    Christmas Bazar 2009, Βonicos Gallery, Athens
2006    Pro Art Gallery, Holargos-Athens
2006    Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens
2004    Byzantine Museum, Athens
2004    Titanium Yiayiannos Gallery, Athens
2004    Patra Cinema Club, Patra

International Participations

2013    Participation in the exhibition “Art en Capital”, Grand Palais Paris- France. Nominated with the distinction “Toile d’Or de l’Année 2013” by the “Federation Nationale de la Culture Française”

2017    Art Expo Malaysia Plus, Galerie Bruno Massa, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
2017    Art Fair Tokyo, Galerie Bruno Massa, Tokyo, Japan
2016    Aqua Art Miami, Galerie Bruno Massa, Miami, USA
2016    Art Busan, Galerie Bruno Massa, Busan, South Korea
2016    Art Fair Tokyo, Galerie Bruno Massa, Tokyo,Japan
2015    Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Galerie Bruno Massa(Paris), Hamburg, Germany
2015    Art Osaka 2015, Galerie Bruno Massa (Paris-NYC), Osaka, Japan
2015    “Blue” Art Athina 2015, Art Zone 42 Gallery, P. Faliro, Athens
2015    Select Fair NYC, Galerie Bruno Massa (Paris-NYC), New York, USA
2014    Affordable Art Fair Hamburg, Galerie Bruno Massa(Paris), Hamburg, Germany
2014    Toronto Art Expo, Galerie Bruno Massa (Paris), Toronto, Canada
2013    “Eden Interrupted” Art Athina, Art Zone 42, Athens

Artworks in public and private collections in Greece, UK, Germany, France and USA.

Lives and works in Athens.

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