I have always been fascinated by the odd and intense color combinations one can find while studying the biodiversity and abundance of colors and shapes in nature. I have been inspired by the microcosmos of insects and plants, I focus on the detail of plants and animals or the mysterious world of sea depths. While studying the detail and focusing on my subjects I discover a whole new imaginary world.

Through painting I express my admiration to the mystery of life as well as my belief that people should consider nature as a source of joy and optimism. At the same time art is a triggering event for introspection a means of liberation of feelings that come out through the intensity of color and gesture which enables me to express rhythm and movement.

In my artwork one can find a balance between realism and abstraction. The motives and themes are recognizable but not always obvious and are viewed from a different prism through focusing. My artwork is characterized by expressionism and a series of successive registrations on the surface of my canvas where one level of ‘script’ penetrates and is internally linked with the next. I use oil paint and printing ink alternating them and forming color spots and lines which transform to a gesture, attributing movement and rhythm in my artwork as well as texture and a variety of densities. The intensity, brightness and transparency of the colors I use reflect a Fauvist approach that combines with a dynamic gesture and abstraction. The vivid colors and movement that create an energy flow which penetrates my artworks, are finally balanced in a composition of dynamic equilibrium where the aesthetic outcome reflects an optimistic and dynamic view.

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